Youth empowerment, psycho-social support & job and life skills training in Lebanon

Sounds of Change
War Child
Lebanon (potential scaling to Jordan and Iraq)

Support youth engagement and provide youth with life skills and job opportunities through training, apprenticeship, and other strategies

In sum

The partners of this coalition are all experienced in working with youth in the Middle East. In this coalition they intend to combine their strengths to support vulnerable youth from refugee and host communities. Together they provide a program that focusses on youth empowerment, life skills and psychosocial support (War Child), creative leadership (Sounds of Change) and entrepreneurship / job training (Spark), using a participative and inclusive approach that engages, empowers and promotes ownership by youth and their communities. This multifaceted approach equips underprivileged, marginalized youth with the essential life skills to deal with challenges within their communities, addressing trauma sensitivity and preparing a new generation for employment and entrepreneurship. The coalition intends to collaborate with international and local companies, aligning the program with the needs of businesses with the objective to provide opportunities for the beneficiaries of this coalition. The geographical focus is Lebanon, with a potential scale up to Jordan and Iraq during a later phase.

Sounds of Change uses music to help people develop into positive role models within their community. Through creative music processes they create a safe place in which they connect to the strengths and talents that are already present. Improvisation, creativity, a flexible mind set and leadership are essential skills in their approach

SPARK offers access to higher education and supports entrepreneurship development in fragile states so that young, ambitious people can lead their societies into stability and prosperity.

War Child works exclusively to improve the resilience and wellbeing of children and youth living with violence and armed conflict. They empower youth in everything we do and work to unleash their inner strength through our creative and engaging approach.

Quality Education
Decent work and economic growth
Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
Partnerships for the coals

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