What we do

Innovative finance

A Coalition for Impact strives to create a sustainable business case including innovative impact finance mechanisms for self-sufficient continuation.

Win, win, win

A Coalition for Impact creates added value for all stakeholders involved. As one coalition partner puts it: ‘ Sometimes you go and speak with the father, but you end up marrying the daughter’.

Learning whilst doing

The Coalitions for Impact are unique and unprecedented. There is no blueprint. On a basis of trust and shared intention they explore and develop continuously. 

Local context

Thorough understanding of the local context and local engagement are pre-requisite to lasting and meaningful results.

Less talk, more impact

Coalition partners are action heroes. They don’t sit together and talk but are action driven and focused on the realisation of concrete results and impact.

Power of diversity, 1+1=3

Multidisciplinary diversity forms the core strength of each of the coalitions. Centred around a thematic focus, coalition partners bring in their complementary expertise. 

Common purpose, own interest

Coalition partners find each other in a shared  ambition to solve societal challenges. It is their conviction that this can be aligned with their organisational interests